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Clown foundation

Togethee we have a vision, the furture of clown is yours. 'To improve and empower the art of clown through education and networking worldwide.'


The Clown Symposium in Barcelona - September 2016, tried to answer as many questions that were posed by the clown community from around the world. With representatives from organisations, groups and scholars, the diverse mix of clown genres battled for for 5 days seeking the truth. Topics of 'Audience Development', 'Funding', 'Positivness', 'Techniques', and 'Raising Status' were but a few of the drawn out discussions. Most if not all of the answers pointed back to one thing. (Negative press? Get more people involved in clowning? What is Clown? How do i start? Where can i find out more?)
Your answer is 'EDUCATION and NETWORKING'

Education - We want to show you the core essence of Clown. It can be broken down in to 4 simple ideas. Play, Removal of Fear, Creativity, Honesty and Openness. Through these masterclasses you will search and investigate yourself, the fun and your clown.

Networking - Everyone within the Foundation shares as much information as they can. Classes, courses, performances and news. The key to knowing whats heppening around the world, is to talk. You are not trivial.

Projects - Current information on what the foundation is doing, where they are and how to join. Remembering the key to the sucess of Clown is Education and Networking, you can be assured that we are working with you to support your Clown.