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The ability to engage honestly and openly with an audience:

That depends on how brave you are in terms of

  • Looking objectively at yourself, and
  • Allowing your self to be "naked" in front of the world.
  • How terrifying would it be if you had to stand in front of 400 people and reveal the
  • Ugly side of yourself?
  • Worst thing you've ever done?
  • Most thoughtless thing you've ever done?
  • Yes! Stand there in front of your audience naked in your own shame, exposing your vulnerability. Share with them every facet of human emotion.

    Periodic dishonesty

    The most subtle and frequent form of dishonesty that affects the clown is generalizing: playing at a feeling or emotion instead of being and doing it,

    Show or skit gone stale

    The biggest form of dishonesty for the clown is the life has drained from the performance, except for brief and fleeting instances of brilliance that are elusive and difficult to repeat.


    The most prevalent and not-so-subtle form of dishonesty can be seen largely during performances of untrained or unskilled clowns, and it certainly rears its ugly head on the professional circuit as well. This form of dishonesty occurs when the clown has either never reached a level of honesty in performance, or has attained that level in the past, but has become jaded or lazy

    Well hereÕs a secret!

    If you can IMAGINE with great detail whilst looking into someone's eyes, and revealing all that "junk" and have them still love you, and accept you without judgment...

    ...then you have the ability to perform with vulnerability and honesty.

    Read that again, slowly!

    I didnÕt say you WILL reveal ANYTHING, but when you IMAGINE whist looking into someone's eyes, and allowing them to see ALL of you -- your most intimate thoughts and darkest secrets then you are making progress.

    Unless, of course, you cannot lower the shield.

    Aaaahhhhh, there's the rub.

    In this Module all exercises will be performed in nose.