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Clown Gathering UK2017

CGUK encourages clowns from all genres to share and learn from each other. Its whole ethos is 'Clowning for Clowns', and from this gathering 'Clown Foundation' was born. At CGUK, everyone is encouraged to talk about the clowning passions and share what they enjoy. It's had ministy clowns learning to take prat falls from circus clowns, bouffon clowns enjoying birthday party routines ans everyone listening and watching showreels of past clowns.
Very often questions are asked at these gatherings. The answers could be difficult to find or would br debated and argued deep in to the night, so CGUK went to Barcelona for a 'Clown Symposium'. To find out more about CGUK search Facebook or visist www.clowngathering.co.uk